You don’t have a Big Data problem.

Brilliant summary of the bastardisation of the term Big Data by Brent Ozar: You don’t have a Big Data problem.

DBA Reactions

A few colleagues and I have been getting a good laugh from this series of animated gifs put up by Brent Ozar ( blog | twitter ) on this tumbler page.

Nearly all of “Strategy Consultants” I work with live in a world of PowerPoint, so this one amused me a lot:

Lifehacker: Ebook Glue Transforms Blogs Into Ebooks

I just saw this post on Lifehacker (feed)

Basically it does this:

“The webapp takes an RSS feed, Atom feed, or URL and converts the blog into an ePub or Mobi file.”

I’ve often stumbled across a blog that I really want to read the history off. So with Ebook glue, instead of having to read it via  Google Reader (my preferred feed aggregator) on a laptop or gReader on my phone, which often don’t provide the full history of posts and sometimes require you to be online to access the history, I can bundle it all up and read it on any device of choice.

Whilst my blog doesn’t have a enough posts to warrant this (part of my new year resolution is to write more), these committed folks have a solid back catalogue worth reading:

Chris Webb (blog | twitter)

Jamie Thomson (blog | twitter)

Jen Stirrup (blog | twitter)

Alberto Ferrari (blog | twitter)

Lifehacker: Ebook Glue Transforms Blogs Into Ebooks.


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