First post

After much procrastination, loitering, dilly-dallying and the like, I have finally setup a blog. All going well I will be able to share some of my experiences, frustrations, solutions and opinions for the greater good.

I’ve been working in the Business Intelligence space for a few years now in both internal and consulting roles working across a range of industries including transportation/logistics, pharmaceuticals, insurance, health care, financial services and electronics. Some of these have been more fun than others, but to keep the few friends I have, won’t say names! Suffice to say each has presented it’s own unique set of challenges as well as common threads difficulties.

One of the most enjoyable parts of Business Intelligence work is the exposure to all sorts of people in different organisations and creating solutions that make their lives a little bit easier (hopefully!) and allow them to make more informed decisions.

Whilst having previously worked with a range of technologies, currently working for a Microsoft Gold partner means most of my recent experience is in the MS BI stack. So apologies in advance to any Oracle, IBM, Cognos, Hyperion etc aficionados.




About Karl Beran

I take interest and satisfaction from enabling people within an organisation to have an accurate, concise and flexible representation of the right information they need, when (or before) they need it. I believe this allows the business to make both operational and strategic decisions quickly and with more confidence, thus improving the agility and efficiency of the company. Having worked with BI stacks from the major vendors, the focus of my blog is on BI principals and strategy with examples from the Microsoft stack as I believe it has the most dynamic and engaged user community with the knowledge base and components fairly readily available to new developers.

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