Limit number of multi-select parameters in SSRS – Custom Code

In reference to my previous post “Limit number of multi-select parameters in SSRS” here is the custom code to show only the TOP X parameters in the report header:


Public Function ShowParameterValues(ByVal parameter as Parameter) as string 
Dim s as String  

If parameter.count > 10 then    
For i as integer = 0 to 9     
 s = s + Left(CStr(parameter.Label(i)),3) + ", "    
For i as integer = 0 to parameter.Count-1     
 s = s + Left(CStr(parameter.Label(i)),3) + ", "    
End If  
Return Left(s,Len(s)-2)
End Function


and the textbox needs to look something like:



Those with a hawkeye may have noticed the Left() function, this isn’t necessary but was because I wanted the parameter Labels in the drop down to show a full currency description (ie “GBP – Pound sterling”, “Czech Koruna”) to help avoid confusing items like the Singapore Dollar (SGD) and the Sudanese Pound (SDG), but the report header to only show codes (“GBP”, “CZK”). For performance reasons I wanted to use the integer surrogate key on the fact table to filter (making use of indexes etc) rather than use the 3 letter ISO codes.

What would probably be a bit smarter would be to add a hidden variable @CurrencyFromLimit with a default value of 10 (make sure it’s of type integer otherwise the the main dataset sql won’t work) and refer to this in both the customcode (lines 3 and 4) and the sub select in the where clause of the main data set in the form:

(SELECT TOP (@CurrencyFromLimit)     
 CurrencyKey IN (@CurrencyFrom) )



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