Prometric test sites on a map

Today I tried to book a MS test with Prometric. This wasn’t a fun experience, first parts of their site were down, second it wouldn’t actually help me in finding the nearest testing centre, let alone the real question I wanted answered: "which ones in greater London have available slots on Thursday, Friday or Saturday morning".
So to help the process slightly I put a quick and dirty map together of test sites in the UK. Yes there are some errors with geocoding picking up the Alabama and South Africa, this is largely because the lists on Prometrics site were pretty messy.
Here’s the link:

About Karl Beran

I take interest and satisfaction from enabling people within an organisation to have an accurate, concise and flexible representation of the right information they need, when (or before) they need it. I believe this allows the business to make both operational and strategic decisions quickly and with more confidence, thus improving the agility and efficiency of the company. Having worked with BI stacks from the major vendors, the focus of my blog is on BI principals and strategy with examples from the Microsoft stack as I believe it has the most dynamic and engaged user community with the knowledge base and components fairly readily available to new developers.

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