Lifehacker: Ebook Glue Transforms Blogs Into Ebooks

I just saw this post on Lifehacker (feed)

Basically it does this:

“The webapp takes an RSS feed, Atom feed, or URL and converts the blog into an ePub or Mobi file.”

I’ve often stumbled across a blog that I really want to read the history off. So with Ebook glue, instead of having to read it via  Google Reader (my preferred feed aggregator) on a laptop or gReader on my phone, which often don’t provide the full history of posts and sometimes require you to be online to access the history, I can bundle it all up and read it on any device of choice.

Whilst my blog doesn’t have a enough posts to warrant this (part of my new year resolution is to write more), these committed folks have a solid back catalogue worth reading:

Chris Webb (blog | twitter)

Jamie Thomson (blog | twitter)

Jen Stirrup (blog | twitter)

Alberto Ferrari (blog | twitter)

Lifehacker: Ebook Glue Transforms Blogs Into Ebooks.


About Karl Beran

I take interest and satisfaction from enabling people within an organisation to have an accurate, concise and flexible representation of the right information they need, when (or before) they need it. I believe this allows the business to make both operational and strategic decisions quickly and with more confidence, thus improving the agility and efficiency of the company. Having worked with BI stacks from the major vendors, the focus of my blog is on BI principals and strategy with examples from the Microsoft stack as I believe it has the most dynamic and engaged user community with the knowledge base and components fairly readily available to new developers.

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